Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adepticon 2013 WAB Hastings Redux Terrain | pt 1

Hello, Michael Butcher here [ The Butcher's Bill ] 

On friday night at Adepticon 2013, the second annual Warhammer Ancients Battles [WAB] Big Game will be held. This year's theme/period is Hastings Redux [the Dark Ages, 1066ish in particular].  The narrative campaign will involve some historical "what-ifs" as well as intrigue and back-stabbing.

Up to 12 players will take part in the game.

What was needed is a proper battle field to roll dice in anger over. I have always been interested in modular terrain, both for appearance as well as portability.  To this end I contacted Mark Sommer [founder of this blog and terrain master]. Mark made the terrain for the WAB Big Game last year.

Our task was to develop a terrain set that mimicked the Battle of Hastings as well as incorporating other historical elements to help with the narrative campaign.  And it needed to be at least 16' x 4'....

Mark's preliminary sketch off of my chicken scratch...

Mark and I came a layout that will breakdown into several sections, either 4' or 2' long. All will be 4' wide.  By adding additional sections, two full 8' x 4' tables can be made from the sections.
A more defined layout...
Mark was already in the mix to make a Saga 4' x 4' board for a local demo, so it was great opportunity to test out some of our ideas. For durability, we wanted the sections to have wooden frames. Mark is doing the build, I shuffle about and offer ideas.

SAGA board in progress, frame and base layer of pink foam in place

Base layers of the elevations 

Underside showing construction details 

Progress on the elevations and slopes, tan area will be a rock outcropping

Checking slope for playability for figures and units

Filled and Sanded

Testing out coatings 

Finished aside from some detailing... 

SAGA game in progress on the demo table. Great reviews! 

More to follow, thanks for looking...

-Mark and Mike

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  1. After you carve the hillsides, what do you use for filler before painting? Do you do a coat of white glue after filling and painting for integrity? I saw these boards at the show -- they were superb. A friend and I watched a Saga match on this very board, I do believe.

    My email address is