Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Hastings Redux Terrain | pt 2

An update on the terrain boards for Adepticon that Mark is working feverishly on...

Prototype frame for board sections. Wanted a ridged frame that would also protect the foam in transit, etc. 

Mark always "dry-runs" projects to make sure they are feasible.  Here are Mark's tests for the marshy/ford area of the table.

primered and ready for paint...

mid-stages of painting

oh yeah...
We are going to use some pre-made river sections (but will repaint them...), here is Mark's test to make sure he can mate them into the board.

that'll do it
We wanted to have the roads to have some texture and character, following are some test patches.

type 1 

type 2

with figures
As always, thanks for looking.  Should have updates at least once or twice a week...

-Mark and Mike

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