Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Hastings Redux Terrain | pt 4

More progress on the River Section... After this section, Mark will fly through the others as they are pretty "standard".  

Test fitting the the terrain...

Mark uses measuring rods to figure out the width of the fords for gameplay.  We went back and forth a bit on these details so they will fit in with scenario.

First draft... We would end up making the smaller one wider. 
More first draft...from above

Another angle
We wanted to use terrain to limit the size/amount of units that could cross at the same time, again for scenario purposes.

The area around the ford...

Another angle

Revised ford width, now that's more like it. 
Another key element for the board is the bridge [upstream from the ford area].  We need a wide (5 model front minimum) bridge for the game, but did not want it to be "permanent" on the board for use in other games in the future. Mark came up with a way to make a bridge inset that will allow for the bridge to be swapped out for a narrower foot bridge when needed.  Brilliant!

Bridge in progress

and I have to say that this bridge in gorgeous...

Finished bridge, waiting on paint
More bridge

Testing for scale

Looking upstream... 

Foot Bridge WIP 

Thanks for looking
-Mark and Mike


  1. Nice work going on, Mike. Those bridges look great - good to see the actual width being taken into account - game friendly terrain. Best, Dean

  2. Gorgeous stuff. Look forward to seeing this in person.

  3. Mark is doing all the work, and doing it smashingly I might add. I just sit around help thinking stuff up [like NASA]...